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Water Reclamation and Reuse

Wastewater recycling for irrigation or cleaning

Wastewater is produced by many businesses that use water in their industrial processes. Often, the wastewater is simply discharged into the sewer or environment when in many instances it can be reused. Before water can be reused it must be treated to remove contaminants such as COD loading, colour or specific micropollutants.

Modern day water treatment systems can remove contaminants from the wastewater and allow it to be reused, creating a closed-loop water management process. Solutions exist which safely treat and recycle used water to reduce overall consumption, protect water supplies and safeguard the future of your business.

Why should you reuse water?

Water reuse brings many benefits such as the positive effect it has on the environment along with the money it can save businesses.

The key to helping shape the future of our water supply lies in new technology and collaboration.

Cost saving is one of the biggest benefits of water reuse for businesses. The disposal of wastewater can be costly to businesses and creating a closed-loop system can save vast amounts in the long run.

In terms of operations, water reuse can make significant improvements in streamlining industrial processes and increasing efficiency.

Regulation plays a huge part in ensuring businesses properly treat wastewater before reuse or discharge into the environment.

Arvia’s Nyex™ system treats the most recalcitrant organics in order to meet regulations across various industries.

The regulations differ dependent on the industry and country which the business resides, however the fines which can be incurred as a result of not adhering to regulations can often be substantial.

What are the environmental benefits of reusing water?

In times of increased water scarcity, industrial process water can be treated so that it can be safely reused within the business, reducing utility costs, preserving water resources and making a significant contribution to organisational Corporate Social Responsibility.

The conservation of water and energy, particularly in industry, can be extremely challenging. Some tertiary water treatment processes are energy intensive which makes it cost-prohibitive to treat water on-site.

In tertiary processes, chemicals are often used to eradicate recalcitrant trace level compounds. This comes at a high recurring price and can also produce a toxic sludge which requires transportation and additional specialist treatment.

Water which has been treated using this method cannot always be safely reused for alternative purposes, such as cleaning or irrigation.

This has created a demand for economical and environmentally friendly solutions.

The Nyex™ process does not require chemical dosing, does not produce any secondary waste and can be powered by solar energy, providing a more sustainable treatment option.

Nyex™ treated wastewater can be safely reclaimed and reused for other purposes within the business, saving money and addressing high water demands in times of shrinking supplies.

How does Arvia help businesses reuse water?

Arvia provides wastewater treatment solutions to a variety of industries allowing efficient water reuse which supports environmental goals and saves energy and money. The industries we’ve worked closely with include;

Our on-site Nyex™ systems remove organic contaminants (COD) and colour to ensure wastewater is safe to be reused for a number of purposes, including cleaning and irrigation.
The systems integrate in minutes for an immediate ‘plug and play’ solution.
Our Nyex™ treatment systems simply bolt-on to existing treatment trains in order to achieve new levels of performance and facilitate the reuse of wastewater.

When wastewater is treated by Arvia’s Nyex™ solution, it is high enough quality to be safely reused for wash down or other uses around your facility, crucially saving utilities costs.

We work closely with companies to understand the largest hotspots for water consumption within the value chain in order to address water-use efficiency and save you money.

Find out what’s in your wastewater and arrange a Treatability Trial today.

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