Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment

Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment

Your Challenge

The oil industry is faced with several challenges including rising utilities prices, fluctuating oil prices, pressure to expand capacity and improve upon environmental strategy.

Refineries utilise extremely high volumes of water due to both process usage and cooling towers. This in turn leads to the production of large quantities of wastewater which cannot be discharged to waterways due to environmental implications and strict regulation.

As environmental regulations tighten and water resources dwindle, the industry requires a more sustainable wastewater treatment process for compliant discharge or safe reuse.

Our Solution

Arvia’s Nyex™ Treatment Systems have been designed to tackle the most complex wastewater streams and are optimised for each application to preferentially treat pollutants of concern. The system offers a reduction in operational expenditure as treatment is targeted to the pollutant rather than the entire body of water. A further reduction in operational costs arises from the option to reuse Nyex™ treated wastewater in process and reduce fresh water intake.

Pressures to increase capacity can leave other wastewater treatment options redundant as they are unable to cope with increased flow rates. The designers of Nyex™ Treatment Systems have taken this into consideration and have produced a modular system which can be added to as business requirements change.

In the oil industry, health and safety is of paramount importance so a robust, reliable system is required. Due to the low maintenance ‘plug and play’ nature of the system, workers can focus their attention on the task at hand rather than complex wastewater treatment upkeep.

Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment

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