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If we continue to allow usable water supplies to deplete at the current rate, by 2030 water demand is going to surpass supply by 60%. Greater emphasis is therefore being given to water management processes in order to avoid this outcome.

Arvia’s commitment to sustainable development involves minimising the contamination of water ways and identifying water reuse opportunities.

Sustainable business

Arvia effectively contributes to sustainable business activities by:

Improving Discharged Water Quality

Through installing a bespoke onsite treatment system for wastewater streams, Good Manufacturing Practice and compliant discharge levels can be maintained. By removing trucking and discharge fees for effluent, you will also benefit from a notable reduction in operational costs.

Enabling Water Reuse

In times of increased water scarcity, Arvia treats industrial process water so that it can be safely reused within the business, reducing utility costs, preserving water resources and making a significant contribution to your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Improving Raw Water Quality

Arvia have successful partnerships with utilities companies who have struggled with the treatment of drinking water contaminated with micropollutants, which is a concern for end consumers and regulators. Arvia’s system is a proven treatment of source water containing persistent pesticides and other harmful pollutants, enabling this water to be extracted and safely used in areas where this previously would not have been possible.


Arvia’s unique range of expertise combined with our state-of-the-art systems support us in our pursuit of worldwide water sustainability. To find out how Arvia can address your water or wastewater challenge, get in touch.

Sustainable Development involves economic growth alongside the protection of the environment. This means that we must take no more from nature than it can replenish, ensuring that resources are available for future generations to meet their needs. Thankfully modern technology enables communities and businesses to maintain a steady level of progression whilst limiting their environmental impact.

Arvia’s specialist knowledge and expertise in advanced water and wastewater treatment enables the production of environmentally friendly, flexible and cost effective systems, without the need for chemicals.

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