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Water Treatment for the Semiconductor Industry

Benefits of the Arvia water treatment system to the semiconductor industry:

benefit 1

Enables more water reuse in an industry which uses millions of litres of water every day

benefit 2

Removes corrosion inhibitors, solvents and organic process chemicals to below the level of detection, enabling compliance with regulations

benefit 3

Eco-friendly onsite water treatment process with no chemical dosing and no sludge produced

Water use of the semiconductor industry

Millions of litres of water are used in the manufacture of semiconductors every day for both process and non-process applications. It is an expensive issue and also one which is gaining environmental interest. The semiconductor industry is being pushed to reuse more and more of their water, but this is not an easy task.

Semiconductor wastewater contains toxic solvents, corrosion inhibitors and other organic process chemicals. These contaminants are difficult to reduce, let alone remove to below level of detection.

Regulators have the power to shut down facilities which expel toxins in their effluent streams, and fines of $100m have been incurred by facilities to clean up ground water issues.

The demand for water for cooling applications from fresh water sources is immense, and one that has a huge impact on the cost of manufacture and the environment. There is a major push by global players in this sector to enhance reuse of water for this application, with some having established goals of 100% water reclaim or re-use for all non-process water. This goal can only be achieved through the deployment of novel technologies which are enablers in achieving the requisite water quality parameters for water reuse.

The drive to increase water reuse

In this world of limited resources, we celebrate and support the aspiration and drive by some semiconductor facilities to try to reuse 100% non-process water. It is clearly the right thing to do for the environment and will go some way to protecting the environmental reputation of this industry.

But perhaps the stronger driver is the cost savings that can be realised by increasing the amount of non-process water that is reused.

We feel very at home with these drivers, with having one of the most eco-friendly water treatment processes on the market, which is also extremely cost effective in terms of CapEx and OpEx compared with alternatives.

Specialist advanced water treatment process

Cleaning wastewater from a semiconductor foundry is not a one-step process. There are many types of contaminants to deal with, which need to be removed to below the level of detection. It is a specialist job, from a careful understanding of the waste streams, to smart sensors for segregating streams, to optimise waste management and treatment.

Our water treatment process, NyexTM is extremely effective in removing toxic contaminants such corrosion inhibitors (for example, Azoles where we have demonstrated >99% removal), solvents, and organic contaminants in general to below the level of detection.


NyexTM water treatment technology benefits

The Arvia water treatment process combines two streams of technology together to overcome the deficiencies of each of those streams: electrochemistry and adsorptive technologies. The contaminant is adsorbed onto the surface of our patented media and then is completely oxidised by the current. This method uses much less energy than traditional electrochemical processes.

No sludge
No sludge

One of the exciting things about the technology is that we do not produce any waste. We do not produce any sludge and all the organics are then oxidized so that they don’t have to be disposed of in an expensive secondary disposal route. Sometimes the breakdown products can be more hazardous than the original compounds that they started with, so a zero-waste model is very attractive to most of our clients.

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High levels of removal
High levels of removal

Another benefit of using the dual technology in one process is that we can achieve extremely high levels of removal. The contaminants continue to be adsorbed by our media even at very low concentrations, which is how we can achieve such impressive removal rates. Essential for compliance to strict regulations and to increase the amount of water reuse in your facility.

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Minimal maintenance
Minimal maintenance

In addition to all these benefits, our media regenerates during the process, so it does not need to be replaced. The only maintenance is a minimal top up of media once a year, which takes less than an hour. This means you do not need to buy a back-up process as there is extremely high up-time of NyexTM.

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Modular design
Modular design

Our Nyex systems are modular in design and are designed to ‘Plug and Play’ with your existing treatment processes. This ensures Nyex is in the right place to remove the problematic compounds which other treatment processes leave behind.

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