Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

Your Challenge

Pharmaceutical products are released in wastewater streams from manufacturing sites and drug development bases. The production and use of a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products results in wastewater with a complex composition which is difficult to treat to levels in compliance with regulation from industry authorities.

As water is used as an ingredient in many formulations and for cleaning purposes in the pharmaceutical sector, this results in high volumes of wastewater to be trucked or treated.

Studies show that Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), even at trace levels in treated wastewater, are having detrimental effects on aquatic species and potentially human health. This is because traditional municipal wastewater treatment plants are not designed to tackle such varied and persistent compounds.

Our Solution

Arvia’s Nyex™ Treatment Systems provide a highly reliable and targeted treatment of API’s from wastewater ensuring the maintenance of legislative standards for discharge.

Our systems are modular in nature, which means they can be scaled to meet your flow rate requirements. This also means that it can be easily adapted to tackle new regulations, emerging contaminants and extension or seasonal alteration of production lines.

Our treatment experts have tried and tested the system as an emergency response on calamity wastewater and it is carefully designed for ease of transportation to where this application is required.

As pharmaceutical companies pride themselves on quality customer care, ensuring patients encounter minimal barriers to treatment is of utmost importance. Nyex™ treatment will play a major part in the sustainable delivery of your products and Arvia guarantee that your organisation can continue to develop and supply essential medicines without the concern for operational downtime due to water treatment failures.

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

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