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Water Treatment

At Arvia Technology, we are a team of tertiary water treatment specialists. We design, manufacture and supply advanced water treatment equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil & gas, pulp & paper and textiles manufacturing facilities around the world.

We also work with municipal drinking and wastewater sites worldwide, providing advanced water technologies to improve the treatment capabilities of their existing processes.

Our range of Nyex™ wastewater treatment systems overcome the challenges experienced with traditional AOPs (advanced oxidation processes), providing a robust and effective solution for the removal of organic chemicals (chemical oxygen demand) and colour from wastewater.

Water Treatment Applications

Our water technology can be used to treat a variety of water treatment applications. Once we understand the nature of your wastewater and your final water quality target, our water treatment specialists can make recommendations as to how best to treat your water. For example, the flexible Nyex™ wastewater treatment systems can be used to treat wastewater up and downstream from biological processes, pre and post reverse osmosis (to treat the RO reject stream) and in combination with ion exchange, amongst others. Here are a few of the applications of Nyex™:

Our Water Treatment Systems

Effective water treatment plays a vital role in the management of any business.

Arvia’s Nyex™ water treatment systems are optimised to treat specific organic contaminants in need of removal to comply with stringent discharge regulations. Our patented technologies also allow wastewater to be reused safely, saving you time and resources.

The scientific skill in design and application ensures that each treatment system is effective in achieving all of your tertiary water or wastewater treatment requirements.

From drinking water to industrial wastewater, we have the solution to reduce your operational costs and help support a cleaner and safer world for future generations.

Our Products

The Arvia Edge

Arvia originated from a team of experts researching water technology solutions at Manchester University. We have developed strong relationships with several universities around the UK, supporting PhD studies and keeping well up to date with the latest water treatment techniques. The company is now comprised of over 40 water treatment specialists working to support industrial water conservation and environmental compliance requirements with our range of cost-effective alternatives to traditional AOPs.

Meet stringent regulatory compliance

Reduce existing treatment costs

Eliminate trucking, disposal and incineration

Protect the environment and water supplies

Pollutants We Treat

With over a decade of water treatment consultation, design and equipment deployment experience, we have both analysed and treated a myriad of organic pollutants in our time. These have included pharmaceuticals, pesticides, hazardous chemicals, sweeteners and more.

To see which pollutants we have already worked with, and how well our Nyex™ water treatment technologies have performed, take a look at our new pollutants page below:

View Treatable Pollutants

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Water Treatment Services

Our team of analytical chemists, project managers and process engineers have extensive experience in water analysis, water treatment testing and the deployment and maintenance of industrial water equipment. We offer a variety of water treatment services, which include:

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We are an advanced water company with over a decade of industrial wastewater treatment experience. We provide water treatment services and industrial water equipment, analysing for and removing organic chemical pollutants. Our range of Nyex™ treatment solutions have enabled manufacturing facilities to reduce their environmental impact, comply with water regulations and reduce operational spend. Industries we work with include:

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Nyex™ range of advanced water technologies allow us to provide new levels of wastewater treatment performance, treating at the source of contamination. This means that compounds are prevented from mixing and reacting with one another in final effluent. This prevents them from becoming more complicated to treat and causing untold environment impact and damage to human health.

More and more industrial manufacturers are committing to water conservation and sustainability strategies, involving best practice across their sites to prevent water pollution and wastage. Arvia work to support these strategies, providing water quality testing and consultation for confidence that the process selected will be right for individual needs and targets.

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