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Placed at the point of inlet for domestic or industrial use

The global market for point of entry water treatment systems is continuing to grow as consumer concern and awareness around water quality improves.

A point of entry water treatment system is installed directly at the point where the water enters the facility, it is also referred to as inlet water.

The water can be either mains water supplied by the local utility, which is already treated, or is sometimes raw water from a surface water source which requires on-site treatment prior to use.

Point of entry water treatment can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes.

For industrial purposes, point of entry water treatment is vital for removing, taste, smell, colour or contaminants from water before it enters the production line.

What are the benefits of point of entry?

Point of entry treatment enables the facility to have full control over the level of treatment the inlet water receives. If the water quality of inlet water fluctuates, the quality of water being utilised will always be of the same required standard.

In some countries, mains water contains low levels of contamination including natural organic matter (NOM), colour or chemical pollutants. This means that the water is unsuitable to be directly used in the manufacturing process. Large organisations have global standards for the water required to make their products and point of entry treatments allows these standards to be maintained across the board.

How does Arvia support point of entry?

The Nyex™ process can be combined with various ancillary technologies including sand filters, ion exchange and disinfection processes, amongst others to provide a full treatment solution for inlet water as required by the individual facility.

Arvia’s wastewater treatment solutions can be bolted onto existing treatment trains in the traditional way or added to a water inlet as the first line of treatment.

Additionally, if inlet water quality requirements change over time based on the company’s own standards or regulation, simple treatment parameters can be adjusted at the inlet to ensure that the water remains suitable for purpose. This prevents down-time which can be extremely detrimental to production output and revenue.

It is important to work with a treatment advisor to understand the best solution for your unique water challenges.

The future

Arvia are in the process of developing a domestic point of entry solution which is particularly useful for rural dwellings which rely on water from sources such as small privately-owned wells. Logistically, the application of water treatment in rural areas presents unique challenges. This is due to the decentralisation of abstraction points arising from low population density and the resultant lack of infrastructure, which can make it costly to centralise treatment facilities and hence provide potable water direct to the consumer.

Additional issues with rural water supplies include maintenance. Some traditional treatment processes require regular servicing which is costly when this involves travel to decentralised points. Nyex™ is a plug and play solution which can be remotely monitored, alarmed and switched on and off as required without complicated shut down/set up processes.

Allan Mason, senior project manager for business excellence at Scottish Water, said:

“Research and innovation is key to Scottish Water being able to improve its water and wastewater services and ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible, even in the most remote of our communities. The trials of the Arvia system produced some excellent results on a difficult-to-treat raw water and I am very excited to see if we can replicate and sustain performance on a larger scale.

If it performs well during this pilot, it could potentially offer us another method for treating drinking water in an efficient and cost-effective manner which continues to meet the high standards of service we aim to provide to our customers.”

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