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Arvia Technology employs its innovative Nyex™ systems against the most challenging waters.

Our modular Nyex™ systems offer an adaptable solution for the reduction of hard-to-treat organics (COD), micropollutants and colour from both water and wastewater streams. Our skill in design and product application ensures that each system is designed to meet all tertiary water treatment requirements, achieving regulatory discharge compliance, safe water reuse or inlet water treatment.

Designed and manufactured in-house, the systems can be combined, where necessary, with ancillary technologies to provide a fully operational tertiary solution which is tailored exactly to your treatment requirements.

Our core technology comes in two different models, the Nyex™-a and Nyex™-e.


The Nyex™-a treatment process combines adsorption with electrochemical oxidation in a single, scalable unit. As the water flows into the reactor tank, contaminants are concentrated onto the surface of our proprietary Nyex™ adsorbent media, which is non-porous with high electrical conductivity.

A low electrical current is simultaneously passed through the media bed to fully mineralise the adsorbed contaminants to H₂O, H₂ and CO₂. Unlike activated carbon, Nyex™ media is effectively regenerated in-situ and the process can continue without interruption or incineration to renew the media.

The treated water then flows from the reactor tank ready to be used in-process, reused, or safely discharged.


Nyex-a System

Nyex™-a System

What are the benefits of Nyex™?

In contrast to traditional Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), results using the Nyex™-a and Nyex™-e processes are achieved without chemical dosing or the production of toxic sludge, which are becoming increasingly expensive for industrial facilities to manage and dispose of.

The low-maintenance Nyex™ processes drastically cut recurring operational costs as well as reducing time, labour and training as the only input required is electricity and any changes in the process are highlighted by telemetry.

In addition, both Nyex™ models do not concentrate waste into a separate phase for further treatment. Alternative treatment processes can either concentrate contaminants into the pores of an absorbent structure or are separated out of the water using membranes. In these cases, production must be paused for maintenance, cleaning or involve environmentally damaging incineration and landfill, which simply moves the issue elsewhere.


The Nyex™-e treatment process is an established technology which produces powerful hydroxyl (OH*) radicals that destroy organic contamination, such as COD, to application-specific acceptable levels.

During treatment with the Nyex™-e, a high concentration of OH* radicals indiscriminately attack even hard-to-adsorb compounds. The process is designed to manage a higher load of contamination and allows rapid removal of background COD, pre-treating wastewater for further treatment by the Nyex™-a system, where required.

The Nyex™-a and Nyex™-e processes can be placed up/downstream from one another to provide a wider treatment envelope from a few thousand mg/L to below 30mg/L COD.



Nyex-e System

Nyex™-e System

Achieve new levels of treatment performance

Water is complex and often requires various treatment steps to ensure it is of a sufficient quality for its intended purpose.

By selecting an integrated solution at the source of contamination, recalcitrant compounds are prevented from mixing and reacting with one another in final effluent and potentially becoming more complicated to treat.

Arvia have worked with clients on various projects where additional processes are sourced with the help of our partner companies. This includes sand filters, ion exchange and UF/NF stages to provide a fully operational tertiary solution which our Process Engineers can help to design for optimum results.

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