Colour Removal From Water and Wastewater

Your Challenge

Colour contamination in water and wastewater can not only have serious environmental impacts but can also directly impact your business.

Humic and fulvic acids, natural tannins, synthetic chemical dyes etc.

Colour in Source Water

The presence of colour in source water is caused by natural dissolved organics such as humic and fulvic acids or natural tannins. In order for the affected water supply to be acceptable for consumers and industrial processes, the colour must be removed.

Colour in Wastewater

The presence of colour in wastewater can be caused by various manufacturing processes and the presence of synthetic chemical dyes. Not only can colour affect the aesthetic value of water, if coloured wastewater is discharged to nature, photosynthesis activity is limited which is proven to cause detrimental effects on aquatic ecosystems. Due to this risk, standards measured in Hazen Units (HU) or Platinum Cobalt Units (PCU) provide guidance on the safe level of colour in discharged waters. By implementing an advanced onsite treatment process to remove hard-to-treat dyes and colour causing chemicals, you will avoid regulatory fines and reputational damage.

Our Solution

Coloured wastewater is extremely variable in composition due to the amount of dyes or chemicals used in processing and most of these compounds have a complex structure which is resilient to light, biological or UV treatments. Arvia’s onsite Nyex™ System preferentially removes even the most persistent colour through combining adsorption and advanced oxidation within a single unit.

Various industries can benefit from the low maintenance treatment system including utilities for the treatment of source water streams, as well as wastewater streams from pulp and paper manufacture, food and drink processing and textile production. The systems are carefully designed by our industry experts and can be applied as a standalone treatment process or retrofitted into an existing treatment train to remove the most persistent of colour.

Colour Removal From Water and Wastewater

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