Chemical Wastewater Treatment

Chemical Wastewater Treatment

Your Challenge

Due to the diverse nature of intermediates used in the manufacturing of chemical formulations, wastewater streams vary significantly in terms of composition. The intermediates are often toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic or non-biodegradable and chemicals can be produced on a commercial scale from kilograms to multi-tonnes. This variation of wastewater composition and volume combined with strict effluent permits and extreme operating conditions present unique challenges for wastewater treatment.

Further challenges arise in the form of regulation for the reduction of clean water use, which encourages the implementation of process water recovery as part of your business as usual activities.

Our Solution

Due to expertise in application assessment and design, Arvia can install a bespoke onsite chemical wastewater treatment system to suit your specific requirements, ensuring environmental and regulatory limits are achieved.

Nyex™ Treatment Systems can also be designed and optimised to ensure treated water is safe for reuse within the business. The ability to safely reuse process water does not only reduce utility costs but also builds positive Corporate Social Responsibility through the protection of the environment in water stressed times.

Systems are modular in nature and can be retrofitted into an existing treatment train to remove the final problematic compounds which traditional treatment systems often leave behind. Further modules can be added based on manufacturing activity, ensuring the longevity of your investment. The treatment system is also unaffected by toxins or high temperatures and emits no odour, making it perfect for application within a manufacturing environment. Alternatively, systems can be externally stored to allow the expansion of your business activities inside the plant to take priority.

Chemical Wastewater Treatment

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Find out how we are helping to reduce phenol levels in wastewater to prevent the need for off-site treatment.

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