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Our water testing lab offers a number of water testing services to support your individual water treatment requirements.  They are summarised here and detailed below:

Water quality testing
Water quality testing Water quality testing

It starts with understanding what is in your water. More details below. To request for us to test your water, fill in the adjacent form.

Water treatment technologies consultation
Water treatment technologies consultation Water treatment technologies consultation

We study your effluent and make recommendations as to a suitable water treatment solution which may include Nyex™ in conjunction with other processes. More details below.

Treatability trial
Treatability trial Treatability trial

For certain circumstances we would recommend a treatability trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Nyex™ products on your effluent. More details below.

1. Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing is imperative to ensure that effluent is of a sufficient quality to meet your trade effluent standards or environmental regulations.

The determination of specific water pollutants, their concentrations or levels of COD (amongst other matrix) enables our quality water specialists to recommend the correct water treatment process to meet your water quality targets.

We do this by conducting wastewater analysis at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Cheshire, UK. We also offer water treatment testing which involves putting our recommendations into practice on a trial scale before you make any capital equipment investment, for complete peace of mind.

If you want your water tested, fill in the form on this page.

2. Water Technologies Consultation

The first stage in a water treatment project is to understand the nature of the water in need of treatment. Some of our clients have their own basic water testing capabilities, but at Arvia, our onsite water testing lab is equipped with some of the most advanced analytical technologies.

These technologies enable us to conduct analyses from basic COD, BOD and TOC levels to the determination of specific pollutants down to part per billion (ppb) and part per trillion (ppt) ranges.

Once we gather an understanding of the nature of the water and the final water quality target, our quality water specialists can make recommendations for which water treatment products will combine to effectively meet your individual requirements.

3. Treatability Trials

In the case that the water matrix is particularly complex or requires several treatment technologies to reach the effluent target, we offer a Treatability Trial. This service is either conducted on a sample of the water at Arvia’s onsite laboratory or on a live side stream of wastewater at your site.

During a Treatability Trial, water technology sizing and energy consumptions are optimised to indicate the most cost-effective treatment results.

This service ensures that optimal conditions are selected to treat your water for its intended use.

Following the treatability trial, the purchase of a full-scale Nyex™ water treatment process is straightforward. Once we understand your individual requirements, our specialists scale the Nyex™ reactor tanks to suit your effluent flow rate then deliver and commission the system at your site.

Water Testing to Reduce Trade Effluent Charges

At Arvia, we provide on-site wastewater treatment solutions which bring manufacturers’ effluent in line with their stipulated trade effluent limit for wastewater contaminants.

This process involves water testing at our water testing lab. We characterise the effluent and recommend the most appropriate technologies to meet your trade effluent limit.

Mogden Formula

The Mogden Formula is a calculation used by utility companies across the UK to inform industrial facilities what their consent to discharge effluent is. Used water from commercial properties is referred to as trade effluent. The cost to collect, treat and dispose of this water is dependent on the volume and contamination level.

Charges for trade effluent in the UK are based on the Mogden formula, which is:

Charge per unit of effluent = R + [(V + Bv) or M] + B(Ot/Os) + S(St/Ss)7


  • R = reception and conveyance charge [p/m3]
  • V = primary treatment (volumetric) charge [p/m3]
  • Bv = additional volume charge if there is biological treatment [p/m3]
  • M = treatment and disposal charge where effluent goes to sea outfall [p/m3]
  • B = biological oxidation of settled sewage charge [p/kg]
  • Ot = Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of effluent after one hour quiescent settlement at ph 7
  • Os = Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of crude sewage one hour quiescent settlement
  • S = treatment and disposal of primary sewage sludge charge [p/kg]
  • St = total suspended solids of effluent at ph 7 [mg/litre]
  • Ss = total suspended solids of crude sewage [mg/litre]

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