Water Treatment Technology

Nyex water treatment technology

We have developed a range of tertiary water treatment processes under the Nyex brand. You can learn more about how Nyex works here, but as a summary, Nyex is:

1)    Chemical-free, so safer and cheaper to operate

2)    Waste-free – no toxic sludge produced so removes cost of incineration

3)    Onsite treatment so less operational cost

4)    Designed to remove hazardous and hard-to-treat organic compounds

5)    Exceptional at reducing pollutants to very low levels due to concurrent two-step process

6)    Low energy due to combined processes in single unit

7)    Modular design so easily scalable

8)    Flexible in layout to suit footprint requirements

9)    Low maintenance – no moving parts, minimal operation required

10)  A complementary technology to remove hazardous organics before they combine with other chemicals further downstream.




Water Technology Comparison

There are many types of water technologies available, and each has their advantages in certain circumstances. Many other technologies use chemicals to enhance the oxidation process and as a result you often get a sludge by product, which can be toxic and expensive to dispose of.

We have created a water technology comparison which highlights the benefits and drawbacks of the ten most popular technologies. We offer comparison with Nyex for each technology to aid your choice.




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