Wastewater Treatment Plant Hire

We offer a rental service for clients who have a temporary need for pollutant removal from their wastewater. The service is also available to those who want to reduce CapEx when solving a specific effluent issue.

Water Treatment Plant Rental

Nyex™ water solutions are available to hire out via a rental model, providing a more flexible and low investment option to treat effluent and maintain regulatory compliance as your business needs grow and change.

The benefits of a flexible rental contract for wastewater treatment include:

  • Forgo the upfront investment
  • Save cost by only renting when required
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Arvia advanced water treatment specialists on hand for servicing and maintenance
  • Omit the need for technician training
  • Transport Nyex™ water treatment products to different manufacturing sites as required

WWTP Short Term Rental

We understand that some facilities require additional treatment support on a seasonal basis or for a shorter period. In the case that you have existing treatment capabilities onsite, Nyex™ waste water solutions can be bolted-on to your treatment train to increase treatment capabilities under a rental agreement.

We are also able to treat pharmaceutical calamity tank wastewater to save our client the cost of having this trucked and incinerated by a specialist third party. This also avoids the risk of environmental fines if this effluent were to be discharged to the sewer.

In order to provide a short term rental of an effluent treatment plant, we have engineered a fleet of transportable Nyex™ systems which are fitted into shipping containers for a simple onsite ‘plug and play’ treatment option. Dependent on location, we can provide this wastewater treatment service within a matter of days to increase treatment capacity and avoid fines.

WWTP Long Term Rental

Long term rental of industrial water equipment to manage industrial effluent comes with several benefits.

Many of our clients develop and manufacture specialist chemicals, medications or pesticides which are simply not accepted by the local utility company as sewer discharge. This means that onsite water technology is essential to treat process water to a high enough standard for their wastewater to be discharged.

Other clients can discharge their effluent to the sewer under a premium cost, known as trade effluent. If the quality matrix or types of pollutants within the effluent are prone to change, this can cause challenges with being exposed to legal action and fines from the utility.

The parameters of a Nyex™ wastewater treatment plant are simple to adjust to manage a range of organic contaminants. If the flow rate or loading of contamination increases, more reactors can be added. Pairing of the Nyex™-a and Nyex™-e systems also provides a wider treatment envelope, so we have transportable shipping containers which contain both technologies as needed.

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