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Treating source water, reducing water use and costs through treatment and reuse

Benefits of the Arvia water treatment system to the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector:

benefit 1

Targeted treatment
of Active Pharmaceutical
Ingredients (API’s) and
Pharmaceutical residues

benefit 2

A major asset in the sustainable
delivery of your products, removing
concerns of operational downtime
due to water treatment failures

benefit 3

Reduces water intake and
wastewater discharge, saving
substantial operational cost

Why choose Nyex?

Arvia guarantee that by choosing the Nyex Treatment System your organisation can continue to develop and supply essential medicines without the concern for operational downtime due to water treatment failures.

The system can also be optimised to ensure effluent regulations are adhered to. Failure to comply with regulations can result in a loss of permit, operational downtime, limited production volume and severe fines. Nyex is a targeted, cost-effective treatment system which removes API’s, even at trace levels, helping you to both meet regulations and demonstrate a commitment to the protection of the environment.

Nyex Treatment Systems are modular in nature and have been designed for ease of transport and installation inside or outside a pharmaceutical plant. Once installed, systems can therefore be moved and added to as the business grows, to ensure optimal wastewater treatment within the pharmaceutical environment, where requirements can often change.

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