Wastewater Treatment

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Effective wastewater treatment plays an increasingly crucial role in the effective management of any business.

In recent years, a looming water crisis has thrown the issue into the spotlight and resulted in much stricter wastewater treatment regulations being implemented across the world. Regulations which promise to get stricter in the coming years.

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in harsh financial penalties for businesses, hindering growth plans and potentially leading to much larger issues.

Traditional primary and secondary wastewater treatment removes 75%-85% of organics from wastewater. Arvia’s targeted treatment process works alongside these to remove the remaining, hardest to treat contaminants.

Wastewater treatment is a process which converts wastewater into an effluent which can be returned to the water cycle in an environmentally-friendly manner or directly reused by the business.

Our Solution

Arvia’s on-site Nyex™ treatment system provides a successful wastewater treatment solution, enabling businesses to remove contaminants and discharge or reuse their wastewater.

Each system is optimised to treat the specific organic contaminants in need of removal for compliance with unique discharge regulations.  The process also makes wastewater safe for reuse in-process or other uses within the business, including cleaning or irrigation. The main benefits to this approach are saving money and addressing high water demands during a time of shrinking supplies.

The Nyex™ system can be applied as a standalone treatment process or retrofitted to the end of an existing wastewater treatment train, giving businesses complete flexibility on how the system is integrated.

Wastewater Treatment

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