Our Solution

Arvia combines adsorption and electrochemical regeneration for the effective removal of recalcitrant organics to produce water that is safe to discharge or reuse.

Arvia’s Nyex™ Treatment Systems offer a unique solution for the reduction of hard-to-treat organics, micropollutants and colour from water and wastewater streams. Our skill in design and product application ensures that each system is tailored to meet all of your water treatment requirements, guaranteeing regulatory discharge compliance, safe water reuse or inlet water treatment.

The system has proven to be a successful treatment method in a variety of different applications around the world. Due to its modular nature, it can easily be scaled and retrofitted to existing treatment works to tackle emerging contaminants and to meet changes in regulation.

Nyex™ Treatment Systems work by effectively combining the advantages of adsorption and oxidation within a single unit. This avoids some common treatment drawbacks, such as toxic sludge disposal and reduces treatment plant footprint and capital expenditure. During the process, water flows from the top of the unit through a bed of our patented Nyex™ media. Contaminant organics are adsorbed onto the Nyex™ surface and a low voltage electric current is passed through, causing the adsorbed organics to be oxidised. Treated water flows from the bottom of the unit where it can either be safely used, re-used in-process or discharged to the environment.

Treatment targets the organic rather than the entire body of water, resulting in treatment cost proportional to the organic load. Arvia’s revolutionary adsorbent provides another reduction in operational cost by continuously regenerating in-situ, requiring no replacement or off-site regeneration.

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