Utilities Wastewater Treatment

Utilities Wastewater Treatment

Your Challenge

Utilities companies are placed under significant pressure regarding their environmental impact, cost of service and quality of supply from both consumers and regulators. Harmful micropollutants in both source water and wastewater streams require advanced treatment to ensure they do not cause damage to our natural ecosystems or human health.

Wastewater Treatment

Manufacturing residues, chemical waste products and even commonly consumed pharmaceuticals can be persistent against the final tertiary stage of traditional wastewater treatment and contaminated water can consequently be returned to the environment. This in turn can lead to regulatory performance penalties due to breach of compliance.

Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water supplies can also contain micropollutants, including persistent pesticides such as metaldehyde. When this water is collected for distribution across a water network, it requires treatment to selectively remove the final hard-to-treat compounds that can persist even after activated carbon treatment. The advancement of water analysis techniques enables utilities companies to closely monitor for known substances as well as emerging contaminants of concern and a new approach to treatment is required to tackle these effectively.

Our Solution

Nyex™ Treatment Systems provide a recognised solution against micropollutants and emerging contaminants. The flexible, modular nature of the systems allows them to be optimised to treat water and wastewater in changing volumes and ensures treatment is future-proof against tightening standards.

Our patented Nyex™ media benefits from regeneration in-situ which means the avoidance of expensive off-site trucking for regeneration or incineration. Operational costs are further reduced as energy use for the removal of micropollutants to below regulatory limits averages 0.1 to 0.3 kWh/m³*. This is around half of the energy required for comparable Advanced Oxidation Processes such as Ozone.


* all ranges supplied are based on treatment experience and values are to be validated for each individual project following an in-depth treatability trial.

Utilities Wastewater Treatment

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