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Utilities Wastewater Treatment

Benefits of the Arvia Water Treatment system to the Utilities sector:

benefit 1

Proven to tackle micropollutants, emerging contaminants and colour at the tertiary stage

benefit 2

No need for off-site trucking for media incineration or secondary waste, significantly reducing costs and labour

benefit 3

Available for rental or purchase to suit changing regulatory or seasonal requirements with ease of transportation to different sites as needed

Utilities companies are placed under significant pressure concerning their environmental impact, cost of service and quality of supply from both consumers and regulators.

The advancement of water analysis enables utilities companies to closely monitor for compounds of concern and a new approach to treatment is required to tackle these effectively.

We understand that the process for treating drinking and wastewater is vastly different and our Nyex™ products are tailored to suit the treatment requirements agreed. The products are available as standalone systems, skid mounted, containerised or immersed in a large tank dependant on the volume of water in need of treatment.

Treating Utilities Drinking Water

The process of turning collected rainfall from its natural source into safe drinking water involves various steps including:

Collection, Screening and Straining, Chemical Addition, Coagulation and Flocculation, Sedimentation and Clarification, Filtration, Disinfection, Storage and finally, distribution.

Arvia’s Nyex™ process falls into the later stage of filtration. Nyex™ has successfully been deployed following basic filtration processes including sand or gravel which effectively remove particulate matter. The Nyex™ process is responsible for the removal of persistent organic compounds, which cause taste and odour problems for the end consumer. A common example is Geosmin, a compound with an earthy aroma which the human nose can detect at concentrations as low as 5 parts per trillion. In order to prevent complaints and fines, it is of paramount importance for utilities to consistently manage the removal of such compounds, in line with changing concentration levels due to seasonality.

Often, conventional drinking water treatment plants adopt granular activated carbon (GAC) to complete the organic filtration step. Dependant on the quality of the incoming water and the treatment plant’s location, GAC can sometimes be an unsuitable option. This is because the carbon may require change out or regeneration on a regular basis which comes with environmental, labour and cost implications and is a challenge in rural decentralised locations.

The Nyex™-a process offers a sustainable alternative which does not require chemical dosing or carbon change-out, due to the regeneration of the Nyex™ media occurring in-situ. The process retrofits seamlessly into an existing treatment train providing a simple plug and play solution which is remotely monitored and requires minimal running or maintenance.

The Nyex™-a process has been applied as a full replacement for GAC and as a pre-treatment for GAC, resulting in a prolonged media lifespan.

Treating Utilities Wastewater

Municipal wastewater can be particularly challenging to treat at the tertiary stage due to the supply containing a cocktail of contaminants at various concentrations, all in need of sufficient removal.

The flexible nature of the systems mean that operating parameters are easily adjusted to suit amends to flows and provides a future-proof solution against tightening water quality standards.

As the patented Nyex™ media is simultaneously regenerated in-situ as treatment occurs, users benefit from the avoidance of expensive off-site trucking for regeneration or incineration. Operational costs are further reduced as energy use for the removal of micropollutants averages 0.1 to 0.3 kWh/m³*. This is around half of the energy required for comparable Advanced Oxidation Processes such as Ozone.

As part of our Treatability Trial options, we provide a comprehensive report detailing trial results on the Nyex™ process(es) with recommendations for next steps. Trials can be conducted on representative samples at our in-house laboratory facilities or on-site as a live demonstration.

* All ranges supplied are based on treatment experience and values are to be validated for each individual project following an in-depth treatability trial.

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