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Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment

Benefits of the Arvia Water Treatment system to the pulp and paper industry:

benefit 1

More environmentally friendly than traditional treatment alternatives which produce by-products requiring further processing or landfill eg. sludge or spent media

benefit 2

Lower energy consumption and operating costs due to treatment being targeted to the localised contaminant, rather than the entire body of water

benefit 3

Effectively manages the tertiary step of recalcitrant effluent, for example deinked pulp wastewater containing chemicals and printing inks

Wastewater in the Pulp and Paper industry

Pulp and paper mills are highly complex and contain various processes to convert pulp from wood or recycled material into the final paper product.

By their operational nature, facilities are large consumers of natural resources (wood and water) and have the potential to be severe polluters of air, water and soil. Across the industry, there is an ever-increasing demand to reduce costs associated with wastewater treatment and a more active need to reuse water wherever possible. This also resonates reputationally with the end consumers who are increasingly interested in products made by sustainable and environmentally considerate manufacturers.

As an example of how water is consumed within this industry, pulp is made mechanically or chemically and is then bleached and further processed to suit the grade of paper in manufacture. Up to a staggering 85% of the total effluent volume is generated in the bleaching stage and this water must be carefully managed to prevent pollution.

Additionally, used paper is often blended with virgin fibres to be reformed into new paper. During the deinking process for paper which is intended to be recycled, chemicals are used to remove the printing inks. These chemicals and the colour from the inks must then be removed from the wastewater as they are not safe for human and aquatic consumption.

With environmental and regulatory policies tightening across the globe, the need for businesses in the pulp and paper industry to meet strict wastewater challenges has never been more prevalent.

Treating wastewater in the pulp and paper industry

Arvia’s patented Nyex™ treatment systems provide a highly reliable solution to manage the final ‘polishing’ step of pulp and paper wastewater, rendering this compliant for discharge or reusing elsewhere in the business. We do this by mineralising organic loading (COD) and colour into H₂O, H₂ and CO₂.

We have worked on waters to reduce COD levels to below 50 mg/L COD in this industry. A target which can be particularly challenging to reach for traditional processes.

Indeed a recent UK survey found that raw wastewaters from this industry can be as high as 11,000 mg/L COD. This means that a partnership amongst various treatment steps is required to achieve the limits stipulated, including an advanced tertiary step like Nyex™.

As the final treatment step, the Nyex™ products are available as standalone systems, skid mounted, containerised or immersed into a large tank dependant on the volume of water in need of treatment.

Most importantly, the Nyex™ systems do not require chemical dosing and don’t produce any sludge or secondary waste, making the procedure not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly but also extremely low maintenance.

Systems are simple to retrofit into an existing treatment train and are designed to upgrade tertiary treatment capacity to the levels required.

For further information on regulations in Europe, the European Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control have created BREF reference documents, detailing the Best Available Techniques (BATs) for industrial applications, especially in new pulp and paper mills.

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