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Arvia’s Analytical Chemists conduct a comprehensive range of chemical, ecotoxicity and speciated analysis in-house in order to support our clients’ water and wastewater treatment efficacies.

Routine analysis as well as tailored, specialised sampling and testing are offered. Samples can also be collected from your site by one of our Process Engineers, dependent on the location.



The purpose of a Treatability Trial is to analyse for contaminants of concern, explore potential treatment processes to suit individual targets for water quality and budget, and to determine the capital and operational investments required. This results in the eventual deployment of an integrated process which is fully operational and right for you, without any surprises later down the line.

Arvia offer three levels of Treatability Trials:

  1. Standard – One set of trials on the Nyex technologies including basic pre and post analyses, plus basic treatment optimisation
  2. Advanced – A higher level of analytical understanding and complex analysis eg. AOx and metals
  3. Programme – A combination of multiple trials and numerous analytical requirements working on a fully bespoke basis depending on your needs. This option also offers the ability to investigate pre and/or post-treatment options using supporting commodity technologies for a full tertiary treatment solution

Following a successful Treatability Trial, a formal proposal will be offered containing suitable solution(s) to your tertiary water issue, as concluded by our expert engineering team.


Modular System

Arvia’s Nyex Treatment Systems are designed and installed as complete ‘plug and play’ solutions. They include the Nyex reactors and are fully fitted with inflow and outflow tanks, power supply, controls, as well as telemetry and CCTV as required. Nyex reactors are scaled dependent on the flow rate and level of contamination in need of treatment. The modular nature of the system allows the number of reactors to be easily amended to suit changes to production lines. Alternatively, the system’s treatment parameters can also be adjusted to suit changes in environmental regulation.



Arvia have over a decade of experience in system design and integration and have various partners providing alternative secondary and tertiary treatment processes. Nyex systems are designed to easily retrofit into an existing treatment train to enhance the performance and avoid the investment of replacing the existing infrastructure.


Remote Monitoring

Several of Arvia’s deployed Nyex systems are fitted with remote telemetry to ensure that our clients have peace of mind over various pre-agreed performance metrics. This is particularly useful in rural areas or on sites where 24-hour manning is not always possible.



Arvia’s servicing packages are proposed by our Process Engineers dependent on various factors, including the system size, contamination loading and flow rate. We would advise a site visit on a yearly basis for a general system health check and for components, such as the electrodes, to be fully inspected for performance each 5 years. Your unique servicing package will be agreed upon at the time of system purchase.

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