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targeted treatment of toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic and non-biodegradable contaminants

Benefits of the Arvia water treatment system to the Chemical industry:

benefit 1

Targeted treatment of wastewater to remove toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic or non-biodegradable contaminants

benefit 2

A major asset in the reduction
of clean water use

benefit 3

Builds positive Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) through the
protection of the environment

Why choose Nyex?

Nyex Treatment Systems can be designed and optimised to ensure treated water is safe for reuse within your business. The ability to safely reuse process water does not only reduce utility costs but also builds positive CSR through the protection of the environment in water stressed times.

Our expertise in application assessment and design, means we can install a bespoke onsite chemical wastewater treatment system to suit your specific requirements, ensuring environmental and regulatory limits are achieved.

Nyex Treatment Systems are modular in nature and have been designed for ease of transport and installation inside or outside a chemical plant. Once installed, systems can therefore be moved and added to as the business grows, to ensure optimal wastewater treatment within the manufacturing environment, where requirements can often change.

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