Advanced water and wastewater treatment

Arvia Technology install bespoke onsite treatment systems for wastewater streams.

We offer practical solutions to one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems - the scarcity of clean, safe water. Our Nyex Treatment System uses revolutionary technology to achieve a dramatic reduction in wastewater contaminants, saving businesses time and money.

We remove some of the hardest chemical compounds with no secondary waste, allowing you to meet the strictest regulations to discharge or recycle your wastewater.

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The treatment process involves in-situ regeneration of the Nyex carbon-based media, meaning there are no off-site trucking or incineration costs. Due to the unique design of the Nyex media, organics are adsorbed and continuously oxidised. This means that treatment is targeted to the adsorbed contaminant rather than the entire body of water, which reduces operational costs compared to traditional AOPs.

Environmentally friendly

Our Nyex system removes the most hard to treat chemicals, ensuring that effluent is safe and compliant. Our unique system also allows businesses to reuse their wastewater, allowing for more efficient processes in times of water scarcity.

Achieve regulatory compliance

As the water crisis becomes more pronounced, so regulations become stricter. Our technology is proven to meet the most stringent regulations worldwide, ensuring your business isn’t held back by having to adjust regularly.

Find out how we are addressing the challenges of treating source water, reducing water use through treatment and reuse and cutting costly disposal charges.


Discover the business benefits of Nyex.

Benefits of the Arvia water treatment system to the Food & Beverage sector:

benefit 1

Modular system for optimal and
targeted treatment of organics and
removal of colour in wastewater

benefit 2

Reduces water intake and
wastewater discharge, saving
substantial operational cost

benefit 3

Fully enclosed
and emits no odour

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